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Work & Play Ideas:

Inspired by Hive Children's Boutique FOR THE UNDER 2's

Stacking Toys:

Perfect for even the youngest kids, stacking toys and cups are a classic for a reason. Use them on a play mat, in a high chair or in the tub. Your tiny one will strengthen motor control, start to build, learn colors and have a blast making noise when they all fall down.

Placemat & Plate in One:

We  are all for easy clean-up at eating times! This all in one tool does the trick. We also love these silicone mats for simple sensory play. Try a small amount of a taste-safe options such as yogurt and allow your little one to explore with their hands. As they grow, try a small amount of water with a toy like a car or rubber ducky.

Board Books: 

Hive has a great selection of board books for little ones! Reading to your babies is a must, even from the youngest age. Use this as a time to connect, point, sing and play with language long before your baby can speak words. They are always listening and working to mimic the sounds we make. Reading to them, and allowing them to touch and explore books is a MUST from the start. 

FOR TODDLERS (ages 3-5)

Sand Toys:

Take them to the beach, the backyard or the tub! Sand toys like these are a wonderful addition to play. We love toys that are open-ended and need very little adult guidance. These are perfect for imaginative & independent play.

Vehicles & Sidewalk Chalk:

This combo is a great way to encourage imaginative play as well as motor control. Take the trucks and the chalk outside and before you now it you will have roads, parking lots and race tracks. Toddlers are prime to play in imaginative ways where they have autonomy and choice. Set these out and see what happens.

On-The-Go Toys: 

Whenever we know there may be some waiting (like in a restaurant or airport) we bring some fun, engaging activities to ease the inevitable boredom. Books with lots of fun facts and engaging illustrations are wonderful. We are big fans of these magnetic tins that are easy to carry, fun to play with and appealing to a variety of ages.


Splatter Ballz:

Summer is THE time to play outdoors and bigger kids love these water play balls. Bring them to the pool or take them in the sprinkler. Kiddos will love filling them up and tossing them for a big, watery splash! And if you’ve got a kiddo who doesn’t like getting splashed? Give them cool goggles to wear!

Plus Plus Building Sets:

If you haven’t yet discovered Plus Plus sets, you are in for a treat. Little builders are drawn to these sets that encourage following directions and problem-solving to create a figure. Open-ended building is, of course, another option. These are great to have out at the breakfast table or on a rainy day.

On-The-Go Toys:

Even bigger kids need something when there is a wait involved. Trust us - if you don’t bring something for them they will get into ALL the toys you brought for the younger kiddos! Stickers are a perfect fit for older kids as they have the dexterity to use them easily. And, of course, BOOKS! Having a book on hand that they can share facts from is a fun way to engage the entire family.

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