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Our Story

How Amy and Emily Started Work & Play

We began our friendship over 20 years ago in New York City. As young teachers we found a unique kinship in our passion for education, shared experiences and love for our families. Back then and to this day (much to our families’ chagrin), we have daily phone calls that range from minutes to hours, covering the mundane to the momentous. We’ve shared many of life’s biggest milestones, from marriage to motherhood, laughing and strategizing our way through every challenge. And over the years, we’ve spent hundreds of hours talking about our vision for early childhood education.

Our Experience

We both started our careers in the preschool classroom and eventually each made our way back to it. Preschool is not what it was when we began, and it continues to evolve. Whatever the model looks like – from highly structured academics to learning at home – we know and value what is at the heart of it all. Young children are the same no matter the educational circumstance. They are wonder-filled, experiential architects of learning and understanding.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning is what young children are wired to do. Through play, children do their most profound work. Today, in this moment of unprecedented challenge, we have unique expertise to offer as you struggle to give your young children the learning experience that is right for each of them. We know families. We know young children. And we know how to help. We are here to share our knowledge of how YOU can help your child learn, be independent, and thrive.


Amy Mockbee

Amy grew up mostly in New Jersey in a big family. She went to Bucknell University for Elementary Education and moved to New York City, where she received her Masters in Early Childhood Education from Bank Street College. Amy taught kindergarten and lived in NYC for 11 years, including at The Brearley School and Horace Mann School. She along with her husband Geoff and three children now live in Westfield, New Jersey, where for the last 13 years she has taught preschool at the Kent Place School. Amy is passionate about writing and creating meaningful presentations and curriculums for parents, educators and communities. She serves on committees and task forces both in her work and home life as a means to make connection and foster community. Amy loves to collaborate and create with others to problem solve, find joy and foster growth.

Emily Boucher

Emily grew up in New Jersey. She received a degree in Elementary Education from Rosemont College and a Masters in Education from New York University. She taught both preschool and kindergarten in NYC, including at The Brearley School and The Buckley School. Emily later served as the director of Beginnings Nursery School and as the Associate Director at The Brick Church School. After teaching preschool in Connecticut for the past eight years, Emily and her family relocated to Spring Lake, New Jersey. Emily is currently the director at Monmouth Montessori Academy. She and her husband Eric have five children. Emily is passionate about supporting parents and educators as they navigate raising children. She serves on boards and committees that connect people through community, activity and events. Emily loves to share experiences and build relationships in her community. 

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