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Become a Work & Play Member

This parenting journey never has to be done alone.  Let us provide you the tools and techniques to connect with your child on a deeper level where you both have fun and create lasting memories using our proven methods. 

$250 per month

$225 per month

$200 per month

If you are hitting roadblocks getting your child to focus, transitioning to a new environment, or simply want to slow down and spend quality time with your child, we're here for you and ready

to help!


3-Month Membership includes:

  • Three 45-minute Zoom Sessions with Emily/Amy

  • Ongoing text support

  • W&P Activity Bag with carefully curated tools and crafts your little ones can dig into. Each bag will include seasonally handpicked activities your child can do at home, while traveling or simply out to dinner to keep them entertained. 

This membership focuses on long-term goals to set for your child. We cover how to plan ahead for the years that bring on everyday challenges and how to break the barrier of annoying habits and keep them at bay.


6-Month Membership includes:

  • Six 45-minute Zoom Sessions with Emily/Amy

  • Ongoing text support

  • A favorite W& P book best for your child 

  • W&P Activity Bag with the top pick tools and crafts to do for every month of your membership. Each item has been tested for quality and productivity by our experts to bring the love of W&P into your home

A full year of guidance provides stability in your home and strengthens the connection between you and your child. Our one-year membership provides accountability to keep you consistent with your core values.


12-Month Membership includes:

  • Twelve 45-minute Zoom Sessions with Emily/Amy

  • Ongoing text support

  • Two hardcover books hand selected for your child 

  • 2 W&P Activity Bags. One bag provided at the start of your membership with handpicked and seasonal tools/toys for your littles. The second bag is provided 6 months into your membership for parents and children. Parents need tools just as much as kids do. They keep us in check, organized and makes the parenting process fun. 

Do you need a more customized experience?

Reach out at and the Work & Play team will work with you to create a package tailor-made to your parenting needs!

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