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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: May 2

Whether it's for your mom, mother-in-law, bestie or you simply want to add it all to your amazon cart for yourself, our hand-picked items below we recommend as gifts and keep at the ready.

Moms like sweets (just like kids), but in bite size. Baked by Melissa makes treats manageable for all ages and their flavors are delicious and appealing to moms too! Treat mom or yourself to this variety box of mini cupcakes. Spoiler alert- they will be gone in a blink!

What's better than a fanny pack? One meant for the beach that holds are your sun protectors. Our hands are never free on vacation. We're usually holding someone's dripping popsicle, a beach bag and toys. This sunbelt takes one less stress out of traveling with little ones.

Getting adequate sleep is not always in the cards for moms. For those restless nights, this cooling under eye gel stick will be your BFF. It diminishes the appearance of puffy eyes using caffeine and provides soothing hydration with seawater, leaving your skin refreshed.

Saie Blush

A simple blush can elevate our appearance and requires minimal effort to put on or take off. Saie is a staple in our bags. It's lightweight and gives a natural look when applied.

We focus a lot of attention on our nightly moisturizers, but let's not forget our lips for better hydration. Tatcha is no fuss, easy to apply and locks in moisture. We use it in our nightly routine and can see the results.

You've heard us talk about the benefits of a weighted blanket for our kids that provides comfort and grounding. This sleep mask does this for adults and promotes a better night's rest. Think of it as a hug for your head that helps reduce stress.

Our coffee is our morning joy. When we add frothed milk, it brings it to a new level.

This frother swiftly creates smooth, velvety milk foam perfect for all coffee varieties. Additionally, it rapidly reheats when used- a great perk because let's be honest, no one enjoys lukewarm coffee.

All plants and flowers help brighten up any room, but flowers can last only a week (if lucky). We love succulents because they last forever and are low maintenance when it comes to care. This is the perfect plant to place in your kitchen, bathroom or family room. It even comes with potting mix to make it easier on you.

Let us know which items are your favorites. Happy Mothers Day! Remember it's a celebration for everything you do raising little humans. You're doing great!

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