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Kindergarten: Where Work & Play is Every Day

Do you have a soon to be kindergartner in your house?

Congratulations! You are in for a wonderful year of kindergarten learning and growing!

We’ve heard from those of you out there who are concerned and wondering if your child is ready for all that is ahead. Their preschool years were unique with virtual learning, in and out of the classroom, masks and quarantines. Could they be ready? How can you help them be ready for September?

No fear, Workers & Players. We have your summer cheat sheet - a quick list of simple, accessible things you can do at home TODAY to support your kindergartner in getting ready for school!

Encourage Independence Skills - your child is going to need to handle their belongings, help with clean-up and manage self help skills.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Let your child find things and put them to use (think shoes & socks, utensils for dinner, doing something helpful.) Give your child a simple direction and give them the time to complete the request independently.

  • Expect clean-up time at home. Trust us, we know that doing it yourself is faster and often gets a better end product BUT setting the expectation that they will need to clean-up items they took out is a must for kindergarten. Practice when you can and with things that they can manage with success!

  • Model hand washing, nose blowing and all things bathroom related. As parents we sometimes “lend a hand” more than we need to. If you're summoned when bathrooming is done or notice the soap in the bathroom never seems to get used, now's the time to remind, encourage and model how to do these things!

Make Writing at Home Appealing - soon enough your child will be sitting at tables for drawing and writing. While some children love this activity, many do not.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Put writing materials where they can be seen and used. Take those crayons from the box, pull the markers from the drawer and put them where they can be used! We love to place a cup or basket of markers/crayons right on the kitchen table with some paper. Hey, it works in restaurants while they wait...why not at home?

  • Keep their hands busy. You don’t always need to write to support writing skills. If your kiddo is a reluctant writer, no fear. Get out the playdough, the shaving cream, lego sets, beads or some sponges! Anything you can do to encourage your child to use their fingers to manipulate, pinch or push will help get them ready to write!

  • Mix it up. Coloring books are fun but there are lots of ways to “write.” Putting out plain paper, old calendars, notepads or stationery can be appealing to some children. Try exploring sensory play for writing, too! Write in shaving cream, on a steamy shower door or with water and a brush!

Remember to Work & Play every day! Lots will be teacher directed in the year ahead but kindergartners need time to play, tinker and wonder. Play is when they process what they’ve learned, test ideas, innovate and imagine.

Here’s how you can help:

  • “Schedule” free time in your child’s day. Start now by giving your child time to play, build, create and express ideas. Summer is a great time for outdoor play! Remember to let them play without rules, structured games or adult directed activities.

  • Tune in to what gets your child’s attention. Can they get lost in a puzzle? Are baby dolls what they go to when given the chance? Is your child drawn to loud, boisterous play? Does music get them engaged and excited? Take note and find ways to incorporate what they love into their day.

  • Find ways to encourage & allow for open-ended play at home. We know this isn’t always easy for parents or kids! If this concept seems way too out of your comfort zone, we get it. As always, at Work & Play, we’re here to help! This is what we love to do - empowering parents just like you!

Of course, we are always here to talk you through all the getting ready for kindergarten questions. You know where to find us!


or DM us on Instagram @workandplayecc

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