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5 Tips to Ease into Summer

Updated: 1 day ago

Summer is coming and we are here for it. Being educators, we love the bittersweet wrap-up of a school year and the anticipation of summer days.

For grown-ups that means possibly less hurried mornings and fewer school emails to manage. Anyone else ready to NOT make lunches or help with homework?

Even with the excitement, family times inevitably hit some bumps along the way to the summer fun. We have been in the

school year groove for so long that the relative freedom of a summer schedule can cause some pushback, big emotions and out of sorts kind of days.

The reality is that when all the school year structure is dropped it can cause some stress and anxiety for kids and adults alike. Take it slow and ease into summer days. And if the wheels come off, that’s to be expected. This is parenthood after all.

As you plan ahead for what’s to come remember:

  • Routines help anchor the day. Kids love to know what to expect, especially when the regularity of school days are done.

  • Revisit areas that your kiddo might be able to have independence in. It’s been a year since last summer…can they carry their own backpack this year? Fill their water bottle? Find a simple snack?

  • Celebrate the victories - even the small ones! When trying something new or rallying despite a new routine, let them know that you see them doing a good job. Say what you appreciate and admire about little ones.

  • Give yourself some grace. It’s your summer, too! When things go awry or children have meltdowns, know that tomorrow is a new day. Parenting is messy, folks.

  • When things feel like way too much, get outside. Fresh air, a walk around the block or even a few deep breaths outdoors can really reset the mood.

And if summer feels overwhelming to you, reach out! We offer lots of ideas, strategies and even materials to support families through all kinds of transitions.

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