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Is Bedtime Exhausting You?

Back to school can make bedtimes (and mornings) extra challenging. We’ve got some perspective and tips for you as moms who’ve been there (and teachers who know all about young kids!)

Have a look at our questions to ask yourself to get your little ones on a good bedtime routine.

Is more independence possible?

Our role at bedtime changes as kids grow. See what they can do themselves. Maybe it's having them pick out tomorrow's outfit, letting them dim the lights themselves, situating their stuffed animals and opening a book to flip through. Once they're settled in, that's your cue to join by starting up a good book to read to them and then begin your tuck-in process.

Does your routine need a reboot?

Are they getting to bed too late? Too early? Too many tasks going on before bedtime? Maybe it's time to switch up the evening schedule a bit. When our system feels broken, it's time to make a few changes and tweaks. It's never too late to set new rules or routines for your kids to follow, such as limiting screen time before bed or adding an extra book at bedtime because they're awake at the crack of dawn.

Have you asked them what's going on?

Sometimes we overlook going to the source. Ask your little one how they feel about bedtime. Some ideas:

  • Do you need anything to make bedtime easier for you?

  • Bedtime is feeling hard for us right now. Sometimes I feel frustrated. How do you feel?

  • Tell me something about your day.

  • What can we look forward to tomorrow?

What's your bedtime vibe?

It's not the easiest time of day and we're tired too. Check what energy you're bringing to the process. Are you showing signs of stress to get them into bed? Are you annoyed that the process is taking too long? Remember to pause and focus on creating a calming space. As adults, we aim to be in a relaxed state before bed. Let's try it on our kids, too.

Are new fears in the mix?

Worries and fears can crop up at quieter times. Whether it's change in a routine, unresolved conflict or an impending event, we can acknowledge and support feelings to help them process. Share that everyone has fears and worries sometimes while reminding them that they are safe in the environment you provide them.

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