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Getting Away with Friends

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Getting a weekend away with friends has such a ripple effect in all areas of family life. It’s energizing, it’s exciting, it’s stressful and it’s complicated all at once.

For moms it can feel like a much needed break in the routine while at the same time feeling overwhelming to hand the ship over to someone else.

For kids at home it can feel unsettling but also exciting in the possibilities of mixed up routines - maybe an extra treat or a later bedtime or a favorite person coming to stay.

For partners or whomever stays at home, it can feel like walking into an unfamiliar land that takes time to assimilate into.

ner out.

It’s not easy to manage logistically and it’s never simple to plan and organize. Yet, we stand by the strength and momentum it gives us after we come back from time away.

Of course pros and cons abound…



Time with friends is FUN.

Time away from kids can induce guilt.

Getting a good night’s sleep feels amazing.

Sleeping in a different bed without your pillows can throw off lots of things.

Photo ops and laughs with your best buddies.

Do you have the right clothes/shoes/style for the outing or weather?

​Late night chats and drinks.

Hangovers and tiredness that linger way longer than they used to.

Get time and space to have deeper conversations with friends - to share about the ups, the downs, the hardships and the questions.

Come home with new perspectives that can sometimes make for a mixed up re-entry and lots to think through.

​A break from the constant thinking and going of motherhood.

Texts and questions come through regardless.

​You know you deserve and are worthy of getting away.

Partners and kids can resent that you need it or took the time.

And so the questions remain -

How do you feel about friend getaways?

Do you like them?

Do you take them?

Do you long for them?

Are they unimaginable at this point?

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