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Who are we?

Work & Play Early Childhood Consulting is a small business like no other. Founded by two early childhood teachers, we cater to and care for parents of young children. We know what we do is the answer for families who need help navigating this wild time of parenting little ones.

We are teachers and moms who know firsthand how stressed parents are right now. Families are looking for support more than ever. We are passionate about helping parents find workable strategies, give themselves grace and help their little ones thrive no matter the circumstance.

How did we come to do this work?

Here’s the reality - we are the best of friends, moms and preschool teachers. When we met 20 years ago, and to this day, we have daily phone calls that range from minutes to hours, covering the mundane to the momentous. We continue to laugh a lot, share insights and information, talk through challenges and dream up new ideas. We have a shared vision for what early childhood can be. We know families. We know young children. And we know how to help. We see an opportunity to share the profound, freeing knowledge of how to help your child learn, be independent and thrive.

How are we different?

Imagine having a direct line to a mom you can trust, a veteran preschool teacher and a parenting mentor all in one. As young moms, and continuing today, we’ve had each other. We certainly didn’t always have the answer or not make mistakes. But we had what our own mothers had - a friend to lean on, laugh with, worry with and problem solve with. We realized quickly that is not always the norm these days. With careers and busy schedules (not to mention social media standards and a global pandemic), parenting little ones has become more and more isolating.

What parent doesn’t need space and time to talk about what's on their minds, troubleshoot and connect with someone who's been there? This is our sweet spot. We are approachable and real but also experts in early childhood. Between the two of us we literally have decades of experience teaching young children. We are also moms who have children ages 19 to 7. We have seen a lot in these years. We believe that we are all doing the best with what we’ve got. We believe that parents can be imperfect and inconsistent while still raising happy and healthy children.

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