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Work & Play Parenting Webinar

We support parents of young children who are navigating this wild time of parenting little ones. 

Join our LIVE session February 25th @ 8PM ET

How can Work & Play support your family?

Work & Play is a small business like no other.
Founded by two preschool teachers, we help parents find workable strategies so you can thrive in every circumstance. We offer support in:

  • Connecting through play

  • Developing routines

  • Fostering independence

  • Encouraging creativity & curiosity

  • And much more!

Meet Amy & Emily

We're your direct line to a mom you can trust, a veteran preschool teacher and a parenting mentor all in one. We bring over three decades of experience as early childhood classroom teachers, and our passion lies in empowering parents of young children like you. Get in touch to learn how we can support you!

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