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Looking for Parenting Support?

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Parenting Struggles

  • The school called and your child bit another student

  • Constant meltdowns causing a scene and stressing everyone out 

  • Over scheduled and over-tired toddlers 

  • Dinner and bedtime routines becoming complete chaos


What you will gain:

  • Mastering 5 steps for resolving and moving forward from a school Incident

  • Cultivating a comforting and secure mindset to ensure your child's ease

  • Embracing a new approach to grant yourself and your child time to play

  • Overcome the anxiety of the “witching hours” of your day

We Got You!
Before you lose your cool, let’s simplify the system to make this parenting journey more seamless for you and your child.

What if your child is an angel at school, but devil at home?

  • Gain insight into the underlying reasons why your child directs their frustrations solely towards you

  • Stay curious, partner with the other people who take care of your little one-that includes the teacher- and try to problem solve. 

  • Strengthen the bond with your child, fostering a deeper connection

  • Establish an enjoyable and secure atmosphere that both you and your child eagerly embrace

  • Become the trusted source of guidance and support your child instinctively turns to

  • Start to question some of those phrases that we use again and again but obviously don’t work.


Save your place in our next FREE Webinar 

Be the first to know when we're hosting our next FREE webinar to navigate the messy moments of parenting! 

Thanks for registering.
We'll be in touch soon!

Parent Workshops

Choose from a list of our best-loved parent workshops or work with us to create an experience that is just right for your parent community. We provide in-home (great for parent groups and book clubs) or in-school (perfect for parent education or parent association gatherings) workshops.

Topics to Consider

  • Routines: Why They Matter 

  • Building Connection with Your Young Child: The Cornerstone of Parenthood

  • Supporting Independence at Home: A Win/Win for Your Family 

  • Parenting Young Children in the New Normal 


  • Parenting Pitfalls: Setting Limits, Rethinking Rules & Trusting Your Gut 


  • More Than ABC’s: How to Raise a Reader  


  • Let's Start at the Beginning: The Foundations of Early Literacy

Educator Workshops

As veteran educators ourselves, we offer a wide range of topics to support your educational team right where they are. We offer interactive workshops, practical take-aways and in-the-moment problem solving that is unique to what we do at Work & Play. We know teachers and are committed to supporting them in what they do in meaningful, useful ways!

Workshop Topics

  • How to Foster and Sustain Positive Home/School Connections

  • Student Observations: How to Create Systems for Meaningful Observation in the Early Childhood Classroom

  • That’s My Child?: How to Share Information with Parents in a Constructive & Supportive Way

  • Supporting Mathematical Thinkers in the Early Childhood Classroom

  • Open-Ended Art in the Classroom: How to Foster it and When to Offer it

Workshop Offerings

Whether you're a parent or an educator, we have a workshop for your needs. All workshops can be offered in-person or virtually.


Pricing structures vary based on your needs. Reach out today to work with the Work & Play team to create a custom experience that speaks to your needs!

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