Children's work is their play, and play is their work.

We are Work & Play, the early childhood experts 

supporting parents and preschoolers.

Parenting is more complicated than ever.

The past years have changed how we view our homes and how we parent our youngest children. We have seen our kitchen tables become makeshift workspaces, seen our children forge ahead while learning in ways we never knew possible. We’ve re-imagined how to work, cohabitate and raise our children. Not easy but possible. Not always ideal but manageable. 

How can Work & Play support your family?

What we do: We provide individualized guidance and support to parents as they navigate parenting a young child today. We put our experience and knowledge to work fostering support, joy, and connection for families. Our methods are tested, individualized and honor who you are.


Who We Are


We're Amy and Emily, the two moms and teachers behind Work & Play. We bring over three decades of know-how and experience as early childhood classroom teachers. Our passion lies in empowering parents to guide and support their young children in ways they never dreamed possible. We are hands-on, imperfectly successful moms who have been where you are, and have also nurtured thousands of children and their caregivers as they face new challenges and exciting milestones in a school setting.


Learning Made Simple Through Work & Play

We specialize in nurturing the whole-child,

offering unique and individualized support to guide you in:

Understanding early childhood development and how it can guide decision making

Creating meaningful work & play spaces at home with what you already have

Implementing routines that work for learning and for fun

Establishing home habits that foster independence in play and learning

Sharing resources to enhance your child’s day-to-day experiences

Boosting your know-how and confidence through one-on-one counseling and planning sessions



Pricing structures vary based on your needs. Reach out today to work with the Work & Play team to create a custom experience that speaks to your needs!

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