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Children's work is their play, and play is their work.

We are Work & Play, the early childhood experts 

supporting parents and educators.

Parenting is more complicated than ever.


Who We Are

We're Amy and Emily, the two moms and teachers behind Work & Play. We bring over three decades of know-how and experience as early childhood educators. Our passion lies in empowering parents to guide and support their young children in ways they never dreamed possible. We are hands-on, imperfectly successful moms who have been where you are, and have also nurtured thousands of children and their caregivers as they face new challenges and exciting milestones in a school setting. Through Work & Play we have created and led parent workshops as well as educator-focused professional development; written mini-curriculums; authored a blog and appeared in podcasts. We continue to create, evolve and connect to meet the needs of today's parents, families and educators.

Who We Are

Everyone has an opinion on how to parent. It seems that every day there is a "new" way to interact with and engage with our children.  As parents ourselves and veteran educators, we know there is a need for balance and individualization in parenting. Parenting is messy and complicated while at the same time exciting and fulfilling. At Work & Play we support parents as they navigate the good, the bad and the messy to be the parent their child needs. 

How can Work & Play support your family?

What we do: We provide individualized guidance and support to parents as they navigate parenting a young child today. We put our experience and knowledge to work fostering support, joy, and connection for families. Our methods are tested, individualized and honor who you are.

Our Services

Embracing the Work & Play of Raising Children Today

We create opportunities for families and educators to lean into the work of parenting by:

Coaching parents to problem solve, navigate challenges and connect with one another.

Offering small group gatherings for real conversations to share our expertise in child development and parenting strategies.

Customized work with families through individulized memberships.

Creating interactive workshops that speak to the interests of today's parents.

Presenting custom professional development experiences for preschool and elementary school educators.

Consulting in schools to provide cohesive, collaborative and meaningful learning environments.



We offer pricing structures and Membership Options that vary based on your needs. Check out our Membership options below, or reach out today to work with the Work & Play team to create a custom experience that speaks to your needs!

If you are hitting roadblocks getting your child to focus, we're here for you and ready to help!

This membership focuses on long-term goals to set for your child and building better habits for the years ahead.

A full year of guidance provides stability in your home and strengthens the connection between you and your child.

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